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What models of car do Haval make?

The Haval Motor Company is a Chinese automaker that specializes in SUVs and crossovers. Here's a brief description of each of their models:

  1. Haval H1: A small SUV with a sporty design and compact size, ideal for urban driving.

  2. Haval H2: A versatile and stylish crossover with ample interior space and advanced safety features.

  3. Haval H2S: A sporty and sleek crossover that combines high performance with fuel efficiency.

  4. Haval H4: A compact SUV that offers a powerful engine and advanced safety technologies, including lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking.

  5. Haval H5: A rugged and capable SUV with off-road capabilities, designed to handle tough terrain.

  6. Haval H6: A popular mid-size SUV with a spacious interior, modern design, and advanced features such as blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

  7. Haval H6 Coupe: A sporty and stylish version of the H6 with a sleek coupe-like design and a powerful turbocharged engine.

  8. Haval H7: A large SUV with a bold and imposing exterior, offering plenty of interior space and advanced safety features.

  9. Haval H9: A full-size SUV with luxurious features, including leather seats, a panoramic sunroof, and a high-end sound system. The H9 is also designed to handle extreme off-road conditions.

These are the current models offered by Haval Motor Company, but it's worth noting that their lineup may change over time as they introduce new models or discontinue older ones.

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