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What is the difference between an EV like the Ora Lightning and Ora Cat, a Hybrid vehicle and an EV?

Hybrid vehicles have gained popularity due to their ability to combine the benefits of both internal combustion engines and electric drive trains. Unlike electric vehicles (EVs) such as the Ora Lightning and Ora Cat, which solely rely on electric power, hybrids provide the flexibility of utilizing a petrol engine when the battery runs out. This feature becomes crucial for hybrid owners, as it ensures that they can continue driving even when the electric power is depleted. However, it's worth noting that some EVs, including the Ora Lightning and Ora Cat, can overcome this limitation by incorporating a range extender.

A range extender serves as an auxiliary power unit in an EV, specifically designed to recharge the battery pack when needed. Typically, range extenders are equipped with a small internal combustion engine (ICE), although they can also employ a fuel cell as an alternative power source. By using this additional power unit, EVs with range extenders can extend their driving range beyond the capacity of the electric battery alone. This innovation offers EV owners greater peace of mind, knowing that they have an alternative power source to rely on when their battery is low.

MG, a prominent automotive manufacturer, includes a mid-sized SUV in its electric range. The company recognizes the importance of offering hybrid options to cater to different consumer preferences and needs. On the other hand, GWM Haval, another well-known brand, is reportedly contemplating the release of a hybrid electric vehicle. Such a move would undoubtedly be a sensible addition to the GWM Haval range, aligning with the increasing demand for hybrid technology in the market.

Despite the advantages of range extenders and the growing interest in hybrid vehicles, they have yet to become commonplace in the Australian market. However, as consumers become more aware of the benefits they offer, it is likely that range extenders will gain traction and become more prevalent in the near future. It's worth mentioning that certain range extenders not only recharge the battery pack but also have the ability to directly power the vehicle. This characteristic blurs the line between traditional hybrids and EVs with range extenders, as they exhibit features of both vehicle types.

In summary, hybrid vehicles present a compelling solution by combining internal combustion engines and electric drive trains. The ability to switch to a petrol engine when the battery is depleted provides a crucial advantage for hybrid owners. EVs like the Ora Lightning and Ora Cat solely rely on electric power unless they incorporate a range extender. Range extenders, which serve as auxiliary power units, recharge the battery pack and extend the driving range of EVs. While range extenders are not yet widespread in the Australian market, manufacturers like MG and GWM Haval are recognizing the potential of hybrid technology. As consumer demand and awareness increase, it is expected that range extenders will become more prevalent, blurring the line between hybrids and EVs.

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