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Who are we?

Welcome to Orasport where we talk about electric vehicles, like the Ora Lightning, from everywhere, particularly GWM and its Ora brand of electric vehicles. It's important to note we are definitely not connected to SAIC, GWM Great Wall Motors or any of their brands and we don't make Haval cars either. We don't make any electric vehicles (or EV's as they are known). We don't make any vehicles at all. But if we did we would possibly build something like one of the GWM Great Wall Motors brands. We especially like the Ora Lightning, although it has yet to be released the Ora Lightning will be out soon.

Our other favourite is the Ora Cat. Maybe it's called the Ora Good Cat in your market. Or it might just be called Ora. Not to be confused with an Aura, if they exist at all. 

We looked at another of GWM's brand in BYD, or Build Your Dream, EV's and thought they were nice enough but they appear to be working the 'low price' or 'budget purchase' end of the room along with fellow countryman MG.  

The MG brand is owned by SAIC as well along with BYD, Maxus, LDV and Roewe to name a few. 

No discussion about electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles, or HVEV, would be complete without bringing up Tesla Motor Company. Tesla don't make HVEV or hybrid vehicles, just pure electric vehicles.

Tesla are the pioneers of electric vehicles and single-handedly pushed the entire car manufacturing world into rolling out their own EV's. 

We have a lot to thank Elon Musk and Tesla for. Without Elon Musk bringing Tesla to market we would still be waiting for Ford, Toyota, Nissan, GM (Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, RAM etc.) Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Citroen, Renault, Volvo and Suzuki to bring out EV's. 

The fact remains, however, that the market is currently dominated by Chinese automakers SAIC with GWM Haval, LDV, BYD and MG to name a few. They use different brand names in various markets - Maxus is a strong brand with vans, utes, and off road 4x4 or SUV style vehicles in China but they tend to use LDV for Euro/Pacific markets. It's an unusual strategy and can leave them open to marketing or online traffic loss, like this site for example, increasing their marketing spend or just losing eyes on the page.

GWM, or Great Wall Motors, have a new electric brand known as Ora. GWM originally used the very cute name Ora Cat with sub models Ora Good Cat, Ora Funky Cat and Ora Punk Cat. 

GWM Haval dropped these and used Ora Cat in some markets. In other markets there appears to be confusion about what the GWM Ora model name will be with the choice looking like it is between Ora Sport or Ora GT - both great names we think that would resonate well in English speaking markets.

The new GWM Haval Ora model, when launched, looks likely to be called either GWM Ora Sport or GWM Ora Lightning but only time will tell.
What we do know is that a lot of the web traffic for the GWM and Haval brands, in particular Ora, Ora Sport, Ora Lightning, Ora Cat brands will be reaching this site and not the sites SAIC Motors own.

Why is that happening? Because we own the domains. We did approach GWM a while back and offered to sell the domains to SAIC GWM Haval for a very fair price (we even suggested we would do a deal on a new car!) but they declined the offer and said the domain names 'were not part of their brand strategy' at the time. We're not so sure that is really the case, however, because we are experts at online brand and traffic management. 

All of the vehicle, EV and related domains we own are available for sale in a package lot for a fair price. We'd prefer to deal with SAIC, Haval, Ora but we really don't mind who buys them.

So if you want a load of electric vehicle or EV traffic to your site get in touch. We'd be very happy to hear from you.

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